Landshark Restaurant

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

  • Host Site : Landshark Restaurant
  • Employers needs : Gender : Any
  • Business : Restaurant
  • Housing : Yes
  • Transportation : Yes
  • Level of English required : Excellent An English interview must be passed.
  • Interview process : I nterview w ith the Team
  • Skills/Prerequisites required : See attached job description
  • Other requirements : See attached job description
  • Available positions : Busser
  • Dress code : TBD. Clean appearance.

Descriptions :

As a busser, you are an important part of every meal we serve and each guest’s experience in our es-tablishment. Yours’ is a high-profile job in the hospitality industry. This guide will provide you with in-formation related to your job within the restaurant. You will also receive hands-on training. We are pos-itive that through using this guide as a reference and practicing your procedures through hands-on training, you will be successful in your job.

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