Food City

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

  • Host Site : Food City
  • Employers needs : Gender : Any
  • Business : Supermarket
  • Housing : Yes
  • Transportation : Yes
  • Level of English required : Excellent (An English interview must be passed.)
  • Interview process : Interview with the Team
  • Skills/Prerequisites required : See attached job description
  • Other requirements : See attached job description
  • Available positions : Clerk
  • Dress code : TBD. Clean appearance.

Descriptions :

1. Provide efficient and courteous service to customers at all times.
2. Follow the proper procedures of packaging a customer’s order and adhere to the company’s policies outlined in the bagging manual.
3. Fill bag racks
4. Unload shopping carts for customers.
5. Assist in keeping shopping carts in their proper place on the front end.
6. Assist cashiers in checking out customers as efficiently as possible.
7. Retrieve stray carts from parking lot.
8. Keep work station and all areas around work station neat and clean.
9. Assist in stocking of milk and eggs.
10. Assist customers in locating product.
11. Never carry on a conversation with another associate while bagging an order.
12. Know and understand the ValuCard program and be able to explain it.

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